Wool, cotton and linen singlets

3. White linen singlet, also available in wool or cotton.

These simple fitted singlets are ideal for yoga practice or to wear for that extra warmth in the cooler weather. The fabric is the winning feature, and you can choose wool, cotton or a beautiful linen jersey, featured here in the photo. I love the wool. It is free from prickle and doesn’t pill, andis machine washable. Wool breathes, and you will find that it does not collect sweat and become smelly. Cool in the warm weather and warm in the cold, this wool is fine and soft merino.

24. Pure merino wool singlet top, sizes s,m,l

Choose your colour, the wool and linen are never white, but creamy and come in any other colour you would like. Sizes small, medium, large, xlarge.

Price $45 to $60, and they will last you for years! Please email me at jill@infinitycottage.com with your order and postage address, and I will invoice you and send the finished item.