2. Red polo shirt

Infinity Cottage poloshirts are made from a sports fabric that is breathable cotton inside and quick drying polyester outside. As you sweat, the moisture is wicked away to the outside and drys quickly, leaving you cool and comfortable.

The front tab and collar is made of cotton fabric for a crisp formal look, and the collar can be a ratcatcher buttoning to the side as shown in the image above, or a stock collar with front button or a normal tie collar.

stock collar

These shirts are ideal for club uniforms, and can be embroidered with your club logo and the PCAV logo for pony club users. The price is generally $60 for the club shirt, and $7.50 per logo.

The price can vary according to style and size, but please choose your design and email me at jill@infinitycottage.com, giving me details of colour, size and collar and sleeve details ( sort or long sleeves.) Remember to send me your postal details and I will invoice you, make up the shirt and post it to you.

The colours shown below are white, gold, fuschia,hot pink, deep red, bright red, maroon, black, brown,navy, royal blue, light blue, jade, bright green and dark green.

These are the colours available for your new polo shirt.