Introducing you to hand made bespoke clothing!


You love shirts and I just love making shirts! I have made, designed and produced hundreds and thousands of them over the years and I am here at to make them for you.


Now I have opened this new website to give you access to hand made bespoke clothing that I make at Infinity Cottage - well that is, to a sample of the clothing and accessories that you can get online from Infinity Cottage!  

Now you can choose from equestrian shirts, yoga clothing and bespoke clothing that you can tailor to your own needs.

 I can make almost any kind of shirt or item of clothing that you, the customer, would like, whether you want to ride a horse or do yoga. or just have beautiful and sustainable hand made clothes. What makes these clothes sustainable? I choose natural fabrics where ever possible, and the clothes are not made in sweat shops that put people or the environment at risk.

The important things about shirts are the fabric and the fit.

Fabric:  Cotton is the best—it is easily resourced and cheap enough too and comes in hundreds of designs and colours. It can be crisp and cool or soft and clingy. Bamboo and rayon are also natural fabrics which have more drape and are becoming more available. 

Cotton can be mixed with silk or wool or polyester and spandex to ring the changes. I like to avoid synthetics like polyesterFrills compliment this stretch cotton fitted shirt because they are made from petroleum products and are damaging our environment, but sometimes a little is needed, as in the sports polo shirts.

Man made fabrics like bamboo and rayon are made from bamboo or wood, dissolved in a solvent, extruded through a fine hole and spun  into a fibre that is woven into fabric.

Wool is a stunning fabric which comes in so many forms, from light and fine to heavy and tough. You will find beautiful 100% merino wool jersey made into fine polo shirts that breathe Pure fine merino wool makes a a cool comfortable riding shirtand move with you and in all weather are neither hot nor cold and never sweaty or smelly.

Silk is also a stunning fabric but more delicate. I have some silk cotton shirts that are cool to wear and easy to care for and have a beautiful soft drape and sheen. 

Fit:  Shirts can be loose and flowing or tailored and close fitting. You know what you like so choose like this:

  1.  Cotton woven fabrics with front and back darts fit snugly to the figure whilst the yoke over the shoulders give you enough room to move actively without restriction. The cotton can be stretch cotton with spandex added but beware it also makes the shirt less airy and more hot and sweaty.
  2.  Cotton woven fabrics with 2 side pleats on the back shoulder/yoke  and a fitted back seam give you more room to move and a good body fit over any bulges.Navy blue and white sports polo shirts with ratcatcher collar
  3.  Shirts with side panels and no darts or pleats are fitted but very comfortable and well fitted but not tight.
  4. No fitting at all can look great and be very comfortable in a softly draping cotton or rayon.

Jersey/knit fabrics:    Cotton and wool jersey stretch fabrics fit snugly and move with you—the ultimate comfort but a more casual look. Infinity Cottage polo shirts have a crisp cotton collar and cuffs on stretch polo shirts that maintains the smart, formal look with the soft comfort.

Crisp white cotton shirt with a splash of colour on the collar and cuffs. 

So browse the website and find the clothes you would like to order. The shopping basket is easy to use and the checkout is very secure, you can choose to pay through Paypal, credit cards or direct deposit.


Make sure that you check the Clearance Specials which are discontinued lines drastically reduced to clear.

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