Stretch cotton fitted shirt

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This shirt is made of stretch cotton with fitted darts back and front, and comes in pink and blue with a pin stripe or plain white.

The shirt can have long sleeves or short, and a choice of white ratcatcher collar, tie collar or the stock collar shown in the pictures. The shirt is more fitted than it looks because the model was a bit small for the shirt size.
Material: 100% quality stretch cotton, washes well with minimal ironing.
Style: Fitted style, with darts back and front. For fuller figures I recommend pleats at the back instead of darts. Please mention in comments with your order.
Manufacturer: Infinity Cottage, made in Australia
Colour: A wide range of colours available. Contact Jill if you don't see the colour you want
Design: Fitted shirts designed by Infinity Cottage
Accessory: Add a matching stock for extra style