Lustrous silk cotton fabric with matching pre-tied stock

Stocks, ties and accessories

Made in a range of fabrics pre-tied stocks fit perfectly with your Infinity Cottage shirt! For tie collar shirts there are white ties which are made for horse riding - easily washable and easy care.

Cream silk stocks with embroidery, white cotton stocks with embroidery or plain stocks in any colour you choose, these stocks fasten easily with velcro behind the neck. No need for tabs or buttons, they are designed to fit the curve of the neck, so they won't move.

These practical stocks are easily washed and ironed so they always look good.

Men's ties are made for the horse rider, in special washable white fabric.

If you can't find the colours you want below, please contact Jill for your own personal tie or stock.

Infinity Cottage water bottles are a great idea to keep your drinking water fresh and cool. Don't store water in toxic plastic containers, metal bottles are much safer.

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White cotton stock

This crisp white cotton stock has subtle embroidery along the edges, to give it that bit of elegant luxury.
Pre-tied stocks are made from a choice of silk or cotton, featuring beautiful hand embroidery. They are designed to fit on to the ratcatcher or stock collar. Colours available are cream silk or white cotton, with matching or contrast embroidery.

Choose a stock to match your outfit

You can choose stock to match the shirt or outfit that you are wearing.

Just write the details in the comments section or email me at


Silk cotton stock with matching or coloured embroidery

Silk cotton gives a look of luxury and these pre tied stocks are beautiful.

Choose your size and colour of embroidery

Pink silk cotton embroidered stock

The pink silk cotton pre-tied stock has a sheen and colour that will look stunning against white or other coloured shirts. The edge has a fine hand embroidered top stiching that sets it off beautifully.

Blue silk cottton pre-tied stock

The perfect pale blue with the soft sheen of silk cotton, this is a stock to set off a white shirt and complement a navy or black jacket

Mauve silk cotton pre-tied stock

The mauve silk cotton stock is a lovely pale colour with the softness and sheen of the fabric making it stand out.

It is finely embroidered in a matching silk thread.

White ties

White ties to set off the men's riding shirts, and specially made for horse riding sports in washable fabric.


Metal water bottles

These safe metal water drinking bottles are ideal to supply you with fresh water when you are away from home. 

Many types of plastic water bottles are not recommended to store water in - hot days or bottles left in the hot car can cause the toxic chemicals to leach into your drink.

Take water with you from home or fill up from a tap when you are away at a show. It's cheaper and more environmentally friendly as well as being healthier.

Safe Softgrip plastic Water bottles

Non-toxic water bottles are an essential part of an outdoor sporting life style.

Infinity Cottage plastic water bottles are Certified Leach Safe which means that they are independently tested and free from:

  • Phthalates
  • Hormone disrupting chemicals
  • BisphenolA:  BPA, BPS and BPF
  • Aluminium and heavy metals.
  • Softgrip plastic bottles are made in Australia from raw polyethelene, a bioinert plastic commonly used in the medical industry.