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Great shirts for everyday

Bespoke shirts and other made to measure clothing

Infinity Cottage has a classic range of cotton shirts for business wear, casual and everyday  wear. These are generally made to order though a few are in stock.

I am happy to make almost anything that you want so email me if you have any requests at or phone me on 0418313641




There are cool summer cotton shirts,or warm winter shirts Click on this link to order this shirt.

to tempt you. I always have beautiful fabrics instore for you to choose from, so if you like the style but not the colour, let me know and I will find another fabric.




Need help? Call Jill on 0418313641 


Cotton knit fabric shirts that are stretchy and comfortable to wear

I have re-discovered the soft comfortable knit fabric (like tee shirt fabric, but nicer) that we used to wear in the 70's!

Long sleeved or short, fitted or loose, these are great for any occasion.

Please use the comment section to tell me the colour, any changes you would like and whether you would like your shirt fitted or not.
classic 1

White cotton shirt comes alive with yellow daisies

The classic white cotton shirt comes alive with a silk panel of yellow daisies.

Order your size with long sleeves or short and look bright and happy as well as smart!

Long line shirt with lacy front

Feminine and pretty with a lace front line and short or long sleeves, Ideal for the hot summer days with shorts or tights,  jeans or skirts.

You can choose this lovely blue cotton stripe or another colour of your choice.

classic 2

Pin tucks and embroidery in a special cotton

Pin tucks and open work embroidery are the feature of this Italian cotton shirt.

Fine pin tucks down the front panels are embroidered with a pale pink open work design that gives the shirt an elegant detail and a classic style.

The buttons are genuine pearl shell in a creamy white - no cheap plastic buttons for this Italian cotton masterpiece.

The collar has a touch of the same pale pink embroidery and the long sleeves have the fullness taken in at the cuff with the same pin tucks and embroidery as the front detail.

Choose from the drop down boxes from long sleeves or short, the tie collar shown or a ratcatcher collar for riding and the size that you would like.

Step out in a shirt you will love in 100% cotton, for all seasons.




Striped linen shirt

Classic linen stripes in a fabric that doesn't crease too much and is very cool and comfortable to wear.

Fine white striped and embossed cotton shirt

This is a lovely fabric: cool 100% cotton with embroidered stripes and woven effects. I now have this fabric in stock so you can choose your size and style.
This shirt comes in all sizes in long sleeves or short. Ideal to wear over a singlet top for a smart casual look or will make a smart equestrian shirt with matching pre-tied stock..

Classic white cotton shirt

In sizes 8 to 16, the white shirt is made in quality 100% cotton for style and comfort. Ideal for any fashion outfit.

Size 12 sold out.

Made in Bangladesh by the Society for Underprivileged Families.

The classic black cotton shirt

Shown here with a corsage of sweet peas, this plain black cotton shirt is a smart 100% cotton fabric. Softly fitted lines make it smart wear for any occasion.

Made in Bangladesh by the Society for Underprivileged Families.