Infinity Cottage has piles of horse riding shirts!

Equestrian Shirts

Welcome to the world of quality woven cotton and silk riding shirts for Equestrian sports! These shirts are all made in a Fair Trade environment from natural fabrics.

Equestrian shirts are made in all sizes and in a wide range of fabrics, cotton, wool, and silk. They must be cool to wear and comfortable, and I find natural fabrics are better for active sports like horse riding than synthetics, which can be sweaty and hot.

Some of the shirts are made in Bangladesh by the Society for Underprivileged Families, who are very skilled in sewing and embroidery. I work with them to support their wonderful commitment to Child Rights and to educating poor children in Bangladesh. You can read more about them at

There are other shirts which I make to order. I find Italian cottons and some other great fabrics from specialist fabric shops in Melbourne and make the shirts in all sizes for women, men or children.

Scroll down and choose your shirt from the colours and styles below.

Hi Jill  My shirt arrived yesterday, & it is perfect. The fabric is so soft and light, the fit is good & the stitching detail is lovely. Now that I am confident of my size, I will definitely order more. I spend most of my days in jodhpurs, & wanted something practical & elegant to wear – I have found it!

Thanks again, Regards, Dodi

Thank you so much Jill. The shirt is fantastic, so great to be able to move my shoulders freely! Love the material, looks great with my jacket and the stock also looks great and fits really well,
thanks again its brilliant
cheers, Anne

 Equestrian shirts with a back action pleat and yoke for extra comfort

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Frilled shirt in fitted cotton

IC 20

Have your cotton shirt made for you in pale blue stripes with white front frills and diamante buttons.

Choose to have your name embroidered on the collar - or not.

You can request another colour too. This is a shirt made for you.


Stretch cotton fitted shirt


This shirt is made of stretch cotton with fitted darts back and front, and comes in pink and blue with a pin stripe or plain white.Swarovski crystals give it an air of glamour and you will look your best for any occasion.

The shirt can have long sleeves or short, and a choice of white ratcatcher collar, tie collar or the stock collar shown in the pictures. The shirt is more fitted than it looks because the model was a bit small for the shirt size.
Material: 100% quality stretch cotton, washes well with minimal ironing.
Style: Fitted style, with darts back and front. For fuller figures I recommend pleats at the back instead of darts. Please mention in comments with your order.
Manufacturer: Infinity Cottage, made in Australia
Colour: A wide range of colours available. Contact Jill if you don't see the colour you want
Design: Fitted shirts designed by Infinity Cottage
Accessory: Add a matching stock for extra style

Blue ratcatcher shirt in 100% cotton chambray

Ladies cotton shirt

A gorgeous sky blue with floral highlights in a cotton riding shirt.

Choose from ratcatcher or tie collar, short or long sleeves and a large range of sizes for a great riding shirt in cool cotton.

Striped shirt with white trim

IC 9
This 100% cotton shirt comes in a variety of colours, in spots or stripes or a mixture of both. This shirt can be Made to Measure in your design, so choose from the drop downs on the right. Sizes 8 to 24.

The shirt has a yoke and fitted darts back and front, and is trimmed with white with a white ratcatcher collar. You can also choose a tie collar in the same fabric or a stock collar. Choose your colour, size and short or long sleeves.


Material: 100% quality cotton, washes well with minimal ironing. Very long lasting fabric. 
Style: Fitted style, with darts back and front. For fuller figures I recommend pleats at the back instead of darts. Please mention in comments with your order.
Manufacturer: Infinity Cottage, made in Australia
Colour: A wide range of colours available. Contact Jill if you don't see the colour you want
Design: Fitted shirts designed by Infinity Cottage
Accessory: Add a matching stock for extra style

White cotton shirt with coloured panels

IC 1

This popular white cotton poplin shirt is so smart with the fine blue check panels and yoke.

Pure white Italian cotton and a pale blue cotton with fine diagonal stripes give you a quality shirt at a very affordable price.


Choose your size (8 to 24) and order long sleeves or short.You can also choose the colour of the panels and back yoke, which can then match your outfit.

Nearly white shirt with fine blue design

White with blue high lights
This shirt is 'nearly white' and is beautifully fitted to the figure with darts back and front. The navy piping detail gives the riding shirt an extra chic.
Available in all sizes this shirt is 100% cotton and is cool and smart with a fitted design. Perfect for the rider who likes a figure hugging fit with comfort in the shoulders too.

Check shirt with blue flower design

IC 3

A gorgeous imported cotton with a cheerful design that will look smart with any jacket and be cool and comfortable on a hot sunny day.

Choose long sleeves or short in your size, and hurry as stocks are limited.

A new design of ratcatcher shirt for competition

Button up the collar and it's a ratcatcher, undo and it's an open necked shirt!

Made in this design in a beautiful Italian cotton, but available in other colours, this shirt is  fitted with two small pleats at the back to give you extra movement.

You can order in any size and with long sleeved or short, and ask if you want another colour.

Blue check shirt with yellow in 100% cotton


A smart 100% Italian cotton shirt with ratcatcher collar and short of long sleeves, this will make a smart comfortable addition to your equestrian wardrobe.

Choose your size and sleeve length and order now as stocks are limited in this imported designer fabric from Europe.

Nellie's garden ratcatcher shirt

IC 6

Nellie's garden is a designer fabric in 100% cotton. The quality is superb and the shirt is trimmed with a pale creamy white cotton poplin.

You will love this cotton shirt. It feels silky smooth and is a beautiful floral design, ideal for Spring and for the new show season.

Order now as fabric is limited and choose from long or short sleeves, tie or ratcatcher collar and sizes for women and children.

Blue and cream floral ratcatcher shirt

A soft floral cotton shirt for Spring in cream and blue with a touch of pink.

This equestrian shirt is made up with pale cream ratcatcher collar in sizes 8, 10, 12 or children's sizes.It replaces the floral shirt that was sold out in these sizes last season. You will love the light cool cotton, so order now while they are still available. 

Blue or red gingham shirts


Always popular bright red and blue ginghams are available again in the style of your choice.

Click on the photograph to get views of the different colour and styles. This is a made to measure shirt, so order the style and colour and size you want, and add the sleeve length and collar type to design your own shirt.

Allow a week to 10 days to receive your shirt.

White embossed cotton equestrian shirt


This elegant white cotton embossed equestrian shirt has a ratcatcher collar and can have short or long sleeves.

Choose from the drop down lists for size and any extras can be included in the comments section of the order form.

Handloom cotton red or blue striped shirt


100% cotton handloom in a soft red or blue with white stripes, this fabric is cool to wear and very smart in a ratcatcher shirt. Click on the picture to see more views of these shirts.

This beautiful shirt is made from a specially designed handloomed 100% cotton that comes from a small weaving village in Bangladesh. There the people all work in the weaving trade and the village is sustainable because of this labour intensive trade.

The fabric is light and cool and the shirt comes with long or short sleeves with a white ratcatcher collar and cuffs.

White cotton silk handloom ratcatcher


 The ultimate white shirt in a handloom mix of creamy silk and fine white cotton - another fabric from the handloom weaving village in Bangladesh.

Size 10 long sleeved is no longer available.

Made in Bangladesh by the Society for Underprivileged Families.

This shirt is as light as cobwebs but easy to wash and wear. It comes with short or long sleeves in sizes 8 to 16, and has a sheen and elegance that you will love. Click on the photo for more views of the shirt.

Cream silk cotton shirt


The perfect shirt if you don't want colour, this cream silk cotton ratcatcher shirt is soft and cool but easy care too.


Available with a cream coloured collar too, this lustrous shirt comes with long or short sleeves and is machine washable and very comfortable to wear.Pre-tied stocks to match!

Made in Bangladesh by the Society for Underprivileged Families.

Green spotted riding shirt

A vibrant green gives this shirt a feeling of spring and the spots and white collar and cuffs are smart - ideal for your next riding event.

Aqua and white stripe cotton riding shirt


This fine cotton shirt is white with a pale aqua stripe, in short sleeves or long. It has matching embroidery, white collar and trim, back action pleat and comes in sizes 8 to 16